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At Banners Childcare, children are nurtured and encouraged in a safe and loving environment by teachers who are trained in Early Child Development, child CPR, and First Aid. Each room is designed to support the essential developmental milestones in an atmosphere that makes learning fun!
Infant Classroom - Banners ChildcareInfant Classroom - Banners Childcare

Infant Room:

Our infant classrooms use individualized schedules to make the transition from home in to childcare as seemless as possible. Our loving and dedicated teachers treat each infant as an individual, and work closely with the parents to ensure that they are getting the best possible care.
Toddler Room - Banners ChildcareToddler Classroom - Banners Childcare

Toddler Rooms:

After our infant room, young children advance into one of our toddler rooms. These transition rooms are designed to introduce young children to sharing, taking turns, developing language, and being part of a group; all through play. Our toddler rooms offer many opportunities for physical growth, curiosity, creativity, and independence. The center based Stretch 'N' Grow program also starts with this age group.
3-year-old Pre-School Classroom - Banners Childcare

3-year-old Pre-School Room:

Our three-year-old room is designed to encourage imaginative play between children; supporting the development of social and language skills. Stories, songs, rhymes, counting, games, projects, and outdoor play are only a few of the activities you will see taking place every day in our three-year-old room. In addition, they have the opportunity to sign up for weekly dance classes.
Private Parent Room - Banners Childcare

Private Parent Room:

Parents are welcome to use this quiet space during the day to spend quality time with their little ones.

4-year-old Pre-School Classroom - Banners Childcare

4-year-old Pre-School Room:

Our Pre-school Classroom is run by a highly dedicated teacher with more than 20 years experience. Not only do our children receive quality care but when they graduate from our pre-school program they are more than ready for kindergarten. After completing our program most children master all of the social, emotional, and cognitive skills that they will need to succeed in school.
Full Day Kindergarten - Banners Childcare

Full Day Kindergarten

Our Full Day Kindergarten program has a NYS Certified Teacher that uses an individualized curriculum and smaller class sizes to provide the best opportunity for your child to learn and become prepared for the transition into first grade. Our program has an emphasis on literacy, Investigations Math, scientific inquiry, and social skills development. We incorporate dance, music, art, theatre, and fitness into our daily programming to assist with the social, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing of your child.
School-Age Classroom - Banners Childcare

School-Age Room

Our School-Age classroom allows for comfortable transitions to and from school. Our teachers provide numerous opportunities for indoor and outdoor play, plus activities for children to "wind-down" at the end of a school day. Our teachers also provide opportunities for older children to complete homework assignments and provide help if needed.